Our DJs have extensive experience in working with bands at weddings, corporate events and large scale student graduation celebrations.

It’s all about the flow of the night

A good DJ can really help your event to flow, making introductions and keeping the dance floor moving between sets.

Take a break

Most bands will perform two or three sets of around 45 minutes duration.  In between sets, the band will take a breather.  This is where your DJ can spring into life to keep people dancing so that the band don’t have to start from scratch on their return.

Bands that offer a DJ service

Some bands offer a DJ service between sets as part of their package.  Sometimes they will have a professional DJ that works with them, sometimes it’s one of the band members with an iPod or a couple of CD players.  If it’s a band member with CD players, their main job is still to perform as a musician in the band.  We’d recommend that you find out beforehand because there’s a lot that a professional DJ can add to your celebrations.

Surely it’s less work if for the DJ if they are working with a band?

At first glance it seems like the DJ is getting an easy night when working with a band.  This really isn’t the case.  A good DJ will still arrive early and put in the same amount of time & effort into the event.  It might even be a bit more work, having liaised with the band beforehand about set lists, equipment etc.  It’s also important to realise there’s only one Saturday night each week and each Saturday for a professional DJ is a valuable night’s work…

Eagle eye

A good DJ will also keep an eye on the dance floor during the band’s performance to see what styles of music are working well.  The other skill is to bring other people on to the dance floor when the band take a break.

Haven’t we heard that song already?

It’s also for your DJ to check the band’s set list beforehand to make sure there’s no overlap.  Most DJs will only play a song once during a set.  It can be a bit tedious to hear things twice, once by the DJ and once by the band!

iPod vs DJ

We’ve also written an article about using an iPod instead of a DJ at a wedding reception. Click here to read the article.