What is our main USP?   Or is it a combination of skills, experience and customer service?  We offer a comprehensive service, focused on helping you to have an amazing party so there are numerous aspects that we combine.

We won’t keep you hanging around

Mark Parker is a full time professional DJ and runs theDJ.co.uk full time.  This means if you have any questions either via e-mail or telephone you can expect a prompt response.

Organisation & getting things ‘just right’

So you’ve spent a lot of time and money preparing for your big day, planning everything the last detail.  Mark and the team understand how important it is to get things ‘just right’ for YOUR big day.  That’s why we work to a strict schedule which is on the written contract.  We also make sure we have all of your song choices in advance.

You can give us a play list (but you don’t have to…)

Our DJs will take your requests in advance.  The important part is that we make sure we have all of your choices.  Some DJs (not ours!) might not go through the list in advance and just use the list as an approximate guide.

Having said that, you are welcome to leave the musical choices in our capable hands.


Mark is an experienced wedding professional, having performed at 318 wedding receptions in the last seven years.  On top of this he has performed at 631 bar & nightclub events and 30 corporate events for 1000+ guests.  Since 2010 Mark has focussed on weddings and corporate events.

Very few DJs can say that they have performed to a sell-out audience of 1500 people every Friday for 4 years.  Mark has worked with some well known DJs and has honed his DJ skills in front of large audiences.  This experience transfers really well to keep the dance floor moving at your wedding.  It also means that he knows what to look for in a good DJ.

We are the in-house DJs at Ramster Hall

This is our biggest recommendation and we have to keep on top of our game, performing at around forty weddings every year.#

We’ll tell you the one thing that will help you to have an amazing party

Some entertainers might be a little hesitant to tell you this, but here it is: At a wedding, guests tend to follow the example set by the bride and groom.  If you’re on the dance floor enjoying yourselves then your guests will join you.

This is the real reason for having a play list or request list. If you are enjoying the music, you dance and it sets a precedent for your guests.


You might have noticed that our prices are higher than some (but not all) of our competitors.  It’s really important that we look after the DJs that work for us as well as our clients.  Part of this is making sure that your DJ has all the information that he or she needs – requests, timings & anything else that you’ve asked for.  Part of it is retaining the talented DJs that work for us by making sure they are also well paid.  If we look after our DJs it means we are confident that your DJ will look after you.

Take a look at our article to find out how much time and effort we will put in…