Last Friday, we looked after the sound for three singing waiters (well, two waiters and one chef) in a marquee at a magnificent Sussex castle.  And these weren’t just any singers.  I could tell from the performance that they were the best of the best.  Since the event, I found out that they perform at shows in London’s West End, so that explains it…

They sang in an operatic style, but with some pop songs thrown in for good measure.  It’s just a shame that I didn’t take any photos of their performance, I was concentrating on getting the sound and cues for the music right.

I looked after the sound, using a four speaker system so that all of the guests (and performers) could hear clearly.  And at the end, Andy the ‘Chef’ complimented me on the sound, so I must have done something right!

If you have any sound requirements for your event (speeches outside, singing waiters, guitarist or even a band) please get in touch.

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