We’ve performed at lots of superb parties this summer and it got me thinking about what the recipe for a great party is.  It’s been our busiest summer so far, hence this is the first blog post since June.

I can think of a variety of influences on a great party, starting with the venue:

The Venue

We’ve performed at lots of venues over the summer, from marquees to stately homes and rustic barns in the countryside.  It’s really important that your venue is suitable for the number of guests that you are inviting.  A small, packed dance floor is much better for a party than a cavernous dancing area for 50 guests.  If you can arrange for the bar to be near your dance floor then all the better.  It’s great if you can keep everything happening in one room.

Focal Points

There tend to be a few different focal points at a wedding so it’s best to keep them close to each other: the music (DJ or band), the bar, seating area and of course the bride and groom.  Guests tend to follow your example, so if you’re dancing then it can be infectious and encourage your guests to enjoy themselves too.

Cutting Of The Cake and Your First Dance

The cutting of the cake can be one of the points in the evening when you have the attention of all of your guests.  It can work really well to cut the cake, then go straight into your first dance.


If you time your first dance right, then it’s a great way to start the dancing.  I’d definitely recommend not rushing into your first dance.  From experience, guests like to settle into the evening and maybe catch up with friends and relatives that they may not have seen for a long time.  Of course you may have booked your photographer to stay until a particular time, so there may be some compromise.


We’d definitely recommend that you cut your cake before your first dance.  If there are any other formalities we think it’s best to schedule everything before your first dance, so you don’t interrupt a dance floor that’s starting to build up.


The lighting in your venue can make a big difference; some guests may feel a little self conscious dancing in bright lighting conditions.  That’s why we would recommend dimming the venue’s lights to make things a bit more atmospheric.  Don’t worry, we can look after this for you.  If your wedding celebrations are in a marquee we would definitely recommend asking your marquee company for a dimmer so that you can dim the lights.

Sound and lighting

All of our DJs can bring sound and lighting to suit your venue.  We’re keen to let you know that it won’t be over-the-top and cheesy.  We favour elegant DJ set-ups with good quality lighting and excellent sound.


Music can really make or break a party.  From reading lots of sites on the internet and the advice from some wedding magazines you might be led to believe it’s a case of writing down the songs that you like, getting the DJ to play them and ‘hey presto’ you have a great party!  It’s not quite like that; from experience we find it better for you to let us know what music you like and give us some guidance too. Music is a very personal thing and we really need to find some common ground between the music that you like and the music you and your guests will dance to.  Don’t worry, we can help with this.

The Person Or Company You Choose To DJ For You

Different DJs and DJ companies have different approaches to entertainment.  Some will rigidly stick to your play list, some will work with a request list and some will just play what they like.  We like to be flexible and work in the way that you want us to.  We’d always recommend giving your DJ some creative input, after all it’s part of the job.  You are also welcome to let us know songs that you definitely don’t want to hear.


We know that planning a wedding and getting married can be a stressful experience.  We want to let you know that we will help you to keep stress to a minimum.  We promise to return your calls promptly and to reply to e-mails quickly too.  We will also listen to you on the night and do everything possible to help you have a great party.

The Great British Bake-Off

You only have to watch ‘The Great British Bake-Off to find out that you can give the same ingredients and recipe to 10 different chefs and the results are wildly different.  Each of our DJs has their own way of working with different clients and playlists and will definitely help you to cook up a great party!