It may seem an obvious point, but it’s really important to keep in contact with your DJ in the run-up to your wedding day.  Not all DJs and clients keep in contact and it can lead to misunderstandings…

Last Minute Enquiry

This morning I had a last-minute enquiry from a client who had booked with another DJ company.  He was concerned that he hadn’t heard from them and couldn’t get in contact.  I had a look over other DJ’s website and it looked reasonable.  As a favour, I called the company to see what the response would be.

As it turned out I got through straight away and had a chat with the other DJ (not mentioning the real reason for my call!).  It turned out that the other DJ had his phone set up to screen calls if the number was withheld.  I sent a quick text to the client and he got through straight away from his mobile rather than his work phone that withheld the number.

All’s well that ends well, but a small issue like this could have meant that the client was so worried he booked two DJs for the same night.

Call me

I’ll give you my mobile telephone number when you enquire so that we can keep in contact.  It’s really important if you have any questions that we should answer them as soon as possible.


As a company we always respond to e-mails as soon as possible, so if you don’t appear to hear from us within a reasonable timescale it could be that the e-mail will be in your Spam folder. This is a really important point, and of course we have no power over which e-mails go into Spam.

Weekends, days off and holidays

Weekends are a busy time for us, so there may (or may not) be a slight delay in responding to your enquiry, whether it is an e-mail or telephone message.  We always give our clients 100% attention on the day of their event and will show you the same attention.

We also take a day off or a holiday sometimes, so occasionally there might be a slight delay in our response.  Everyone needs a day off every now and then!

Feel free to call Mark directly on 0800 970 5577 or get in contact