So, you have taken a look at the quotation and are a bit surprised by the price.  We understand that a wedding can be very costly.  It might be that other aspects of your wedding day cost a little more than expected too.  And everyone has different ideas on the best way to allocate their budget.  But there are some very good reasons why we cost more than some (but not all) of our competitors.

In the March 2010 edition of Brides Magazine, they calculated the average cost of wedding entertainment to be £ 590.  Please keep in mind that we are aiming to be much better than average!

Mark Parker is a full time professional DJ.  Mark and his select team of DJs have a vast amount of experience to offer, having performed at 1000s of wedding receptions, corporate parties and birthday celebrations.

It’s just three or four hours work…

At first glance, it seems like you are paying for someone to turn up and play music for three or four hours, but there is a lot more to it than just the performance on the night.

And the DJ’s job is much more than just playing the songs.  There is a lot of skill in choosing what to play and when to play it.

A good DJ will also invest a lot of time and effort in the planning and preparation for your big day.  We have worked out the average time spent evening entertainment (not an all day event or wedding ceremony).  Not all DJs work in the same way, but here’s an idea of the time we would invest:

  • Telephone calls and e-mails: 2 hours
  • Preparing contract and posting: 30 minutes
  • Preparing requests: 2 hours
  • Preparing & loading sound & lighting equipment:1 hour
  • Travel to the venue: 1 hour
  • Arriving early on the day: 1 hour
  • Unloading & setting up DJ equipment: 90 minutes
  • Playing music on the night: 4 hours
  • Packing equipment away at the end: 1 hour
  • Travel home: 1 hour
  • Unloading & packing equipment away: 1 hour


What are your other costs?

We have a multitude of costs to factor into our price so that we have a consistent and sustainable business.

  • Sound & lighting equipment to make things look & sound good.
  • Back-up equipment just in case.
  • Fuel, vehicle servicing, car insurance and breakdown cover to make sure we arrive on time.
  • New music so we can get the music right for you.
  • PAT testing, for safety & Public Liability Insurance (PLI) for your peace of mind.
  • Equipment insurance just in case.
  • Income tax & National Insurance contributions, so we do things properly.
  • Accountancy, telephone, internet, stationery, postage and lots of other boring things…

The list goes on…

Is there anything that you can’t put a price on?

We work with a team of creative and talented DJs who are always helpful and courteous.  As with any business, it’s all about the quality of the people who work with you…  You can’t put a price on the good will and extra help that we can offer on your wedding day.  You also can’t put a price on those memorable moments on the dance floor with your family and guests having the time of their lives!

Hopefully this gives an idea of the time, money and effort that we put in to making sure that your day goes perfectly.  It may take just a quick phone call to put your mind at rest.  Feel free to call Mark directly on 0800 970 5577 or get in contact.