Play list or request list?

Your first decision will be whether you’d like to put together a play list or a request list.   As the name suggests a play list is a list of songs your DJ must choose from, a request list gives a bit more flexibility for your DJ to keep the party going.

Who should put the list together?

The most obvious choice would be you; you know the music that you like and you also know your guests.

Can a friend put the list together for me?

It might be tempting to ask one of your guests to put together your request list.  After all, we all have a friend that knows about music.  The potential pitfall is that your friend puts together a request list that they think you will like and approve of, but they get it slightly wrong.

Chinese Whisper

Remember when you were at school and did a Chinese whisper?  You start with a word and it gets passed down the line and turns into something completely different at the other end.  If you ask a friend to put together your request list, it works out that the DJ is playing your friend’s interpretation of what you and your guests might like.

We don’t like this song…

It does seem a bit over complicated for a friend to write your request list.  It can lead to the confusing situation for the DJ, who plays something from your list and then finds out that the bride or groom don’t actually like it.  It happened to me not long ago.

Guest request list

The other option might be to let your guests request a song each and that will keep the dance floor full.  We do offer a facility for you to ask your guests to log in to our site to suggest a song to be played.  This can work really well, but it really depends on the songs that your guests request.  Also, what happens when there isn’t enough time to fit all of the songs in?  We definitely wouldn’t want to upset one of your guests by not playing their song.


If you’re asking guests to suggest music, one guest could potentially suggest 20 or 30 songs, which is a big influence on the way that the evening goes.

Too many cooks

There a few food related references in the blog and the phrase ‘too many cooks’, could sum up what can happen if you have lots of guests trying to influence the request list.  It’s a bit like being at work and having 5 different ‘bosses’ all asking you to do different things at the same time.

Let the DJ have some influence too…

A compromise can work really well, where we have input from you and if you want to, some of your guests too.  If you write a play list then your DJ really does have a limited arsenal of songs to choose from.  The only songs that exist are the 100 or so on the list.

Musical knowledge

Our team of DJs are renowned for their musical knowledge over a wide range of genres and really enjoy making a dance floor move.  There are literally thousands of songs your DJ could play.  If you let us know some constraints, we can help you to keep the dance floor moving at your party.  After all, that’s what being a DJ is all about.

Decisions, decisions…

A lot of decisions that your DJ will make happen as the evening progresses, in the context of your whole event.  Your DJ would keep a close eye on how you and your guests are enjoying different styles & genres of music, keeping as many people as possible on the dance floor.


If you can find a good DJ, it might be an idea to let them use their skills and experience to develop the structure for the evening as they go along.   There are lots of influences that affect the way a dance floor builds up, your DJ should be an expert.

What do we recommend?

Have a think about the music that you like and you think that your guests will dance to.  You might want to ask your guests for some input, but we’d recommend not asking one single guest to specify the play list, unless they are an expert.  Ask your DJ to have some input too – it’s the job we’re paid to do!