First time putting a request list together?

It might be your first time putting a request list together, so it’s useful to consider why you might have a request list at your event.  There are a few possible reasons, please let us know if you can think of any more!

  • You’re worried that you might not like the music
  • You know exactly the songs that you and your guests will enjoy
  • You think that you have to put a play list together because it was recommended in a wedding magazine
  • You’ve been to a friend’s wedding and didn’t like the music

How Many Songs?

As a rough guide, we can play 18 songs an hour.  Fifty songs is more than adequate to give your DJ an idea of your tastes.

Guest requests

It’s a kind idea to include guest requests in the evening because it acknowledges that they are part of your celebrations.  The flip-side is that if each individual guest picks a song that they like, but isn’t necessarily popular with other guests then it’s difficult to build up a dance floor.

If everyone likes one song during the evening and they only dance to that one song, then what happens?!

If a DJ can play 80 or so songs in an evening then there needs to be a good reason to play each choice, either during the ‘warm up’ earlier in the evening or the party later on.


This is the important part – do you want your DJ to shoe-horn all of the songs from your list into the evening?  It really depends on your song choices, but it can sometimes be counter-productive when your DJ is trying to build up the dance floor.

We Want A Great Party!

If you want a great party, it’s useful to let your DJ have some creative input too.  There might be great music that you haven’t thought of when you put the list together.  The dance floor on your wedding day is a very different place from where you put the list together, maybe listening to songs in the living room!

The Down-Sides Of An Extensive Play List

  • The important song choices can be lost in a long list
  • Your DJ might put playing your song choices above keeping the dancefloor moving

Why A DJ Might Like A Request List

  • All of our DJs bring a large music collection, but it’s really useful to know that he/she has all of your favourite choices and can find them easily!
  • It should give your DJ a good idea of the songs that will get you and your guests up and dancing

What Makes A Good Request List

  • A selection of songs that will be familiar to your guests and encourage them (and you!) to dance
  • Some songs that you really like and remind you of particular times in your life that your guests will like too
  • Some ideas for the last song of the evening (think of something universal that will encourage everyone to be on the dance floor).  We can always select a song from the list on the night, but it’s really important that you like it too.
  • Not too many slow songs – we’ve never seen people party for hours on end to ballads

If you have any other thoughts and ideas of what makes a good wedding request list for you, please let us know.

Try to think of the request list as a tool to guide your DJ in the direction that you want the party to go; something to help your DJ create the best possible night for you and your guests.

A good DJ will be able to judge the reaction of you and your guests and keep the dance floor going with your tastes in mind.

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