Can a wedding DJ be a good DJ?

Have a think for a few moments about events you’ve been to and there was an amazing DJ.  You might have been lucky enough to see a good DJ once or twice, but the wedding DJ in general has a pretty dire reputation.  I don’t like to be negative, but it’s true.


I get the impression that some guests really don’t expect a good DJ at a wedding.  Surely, all the good DJs are working in nightclubs, on the radio and at playing tunes at big festivals.  Surely they don’t play at wedding venues?

How can you find a good DJ?

We have lots of experience in finding good DJs and the first indication is the response.  Leave a message or write an e-mail.  If you receive a timely and efficient response, then it shows that the DJ is taking things seriously and wants to make a good impression.

Once you’ve received the quote try asking a few questions and again see what response you receive.

I also look for good telephone and face to face communication skills.   These are key qualities because the role of the DJ is definitely customer facing!

Helpful attitude

When I’m talking to DJs, I’m always looking for a helpful attitude because I know that this carries through to how helpful a DJ will be on the day (or night) of an event.  Whether it’s co-operating with caterers and venue staff, making announcements for you or playing your favourite tune on the night, it makes a big difference.

Always have a backup plan

A good DJ will always carry back up equipment, just in case of emergencies.  This should include at least CD players (or computer), mixer and amplifier.


Good DJs and agencies should be able to provide references that relate the experience of previous clients.

I had a conversation a few days ago where my client told me that ‘we’re not worried at all about the DJ’.  At first I thought that this was a bit strange because I didn’t expect him to be worried in the first place.  The client had met the bride and groom at the same venue from the previous night and they had sung our praises.  It really does make a big difference for us that we get regular good feedback from clients.


Experience is a really important aspect of our work.  Have a think about your own job and what you have learned.  I’m sure there are some aspects of your work where you have developed skills to help you in certain situations.  It’s the same with our DJs.

We draw on experience not only from 100s of wedding events, but large corporate functions and private parties too.  It certainly focuses the mind when you are face to face with an audience of 1000 people and you have to entertain them for three or four hours.


Good DJs will put a lot of work in before your wedding day, probably more than the actual time spent playing music on the night.  Think about request list preparation (we’ll go through your list in detail), site visits, preparing and setting up the equipment & making sure all of the details are taken care of.

Setting the dance floor on fire!

A good DJ will have all of the skills and experience to set the dance floor on fire at your wedding!

The Search

We know that there are good wedding DJs out there.  Recommendations certainly help and we’d be pleased to send you testimonials from previous clients.

Hopefully this article gives you a few ideas and will help you to find a good DJ.