Fashion show at Manor Barn in aid of JDRF

I spent yesterday working at Manor Barn with the show producer John Walford and the team from the Junior Diabetes Research Foundation.  It was a highly successful event with 180 attendees.

Sound balance

It took a lot of care and attention to make sure that the music and microphone for the compere were audible for all of the 180 guests, without being too loud.

The show

Although this was my first fashion event, I had useful experience to draw on, having previously worked on shows with large teams of dancers at corporate events.  As you might expect, it’s really important that the correct pieces of music are played at the correct time!


The show producer John Walford put together a list of each ‘walk’ with the relevant number of models showing each collection.  Then it was a case of counting the number of models and waiting for the last model to leave the stage before starting the next piece of music.

It all went according to plan

I made sure that I had two CDs with all of the music so that the music flowed and the whole show went perfectly!

Are you planning a fashion show?

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