Why, I hear you ask would I want a DJ that doesn’t just play at weddings?  Surely you need a wedding professional?  There are a few reasons why experience in other parts of the entertainment industry might be useful.

Musical knowledge

DJing at events other than weddings helps to develop your DJ’s musical knowledge beyond Abba songs, Brown Eyed Girl and Build Me Up Buttercup!  We have DJs who have a wide musical knowledge that encompasses not only pop music from the last five decades, but other styles too.

Musical styles

We’ve performed at weddings where the clients have asked for house, garage, reggae, indie & rock.  The list goes on.  That’s not to say that we’ve always played these styles for a whole night, but it’s useful to know that your DJ has the ability.  If you have a specific requirement please let us know and we’ll recommend a suitable DJ from our hand-picked team.


Some of our DJ team have honed their skills working in the high pressure environment of a nightclub.  This helps to develop not only the skill of reading a dance floor, but beat-mixing skills too.  This is where some of our DJ team stand out, mixing and looping tracks so that they flow perfectly.

Keeping up to date

We think that it’s important to keep our music collections up to date.  This is a skill that DJs have to learn when performing in a night club environment.  It transfers well to wedding receptions and 21st birthday parties and we make sure that we have the latest tunes.

Corporate & student events

We work with a small team of talented and creative DJs who have performed to student and corporate audiences of 1000+ people.  It’s a very high pressure job and certainly focuses the mind.  It also helps to develop the skill of adeptly reading a dance floor.

Playing records that are outside of the normal comfort zone

It has to be said that there are certain requests that crop up time and time again.  We have a team that are happy to incorporate your requests and won’t be frightened to play a few more unusual choices too.

That’s not to say you should expect a random DJ set of unrecognisable songs.  If you and your friends have a particular song you want to hear, just let us know in advance and your DJ will play it at a suitable moment.