Ten points to get you started…

A DJ colleague and friend advised me that this article contains a lot of good information but is a bit too ‘wordy’.  So here are ten bullet points to get you started, please read the rest if these bullet points make sense :

  • It costs around £500 to hire just the sound and lighting equipment for a wedding party of 100-150 guests.
  • The £500 doesn’t include a DJ, any music or insurance
  • You’re bringing a person into your party in front of all of your family and friends
  • It takes a lot of expertise just to set up the equipment
  • A good DJ will know how to put a ‘set’ together and has a lot of musical knowledge
  • Is a good DJ a luxury?  Some people choose to allocate the budget on other items.
  • You’re buying a party and and everything that goes into the party, not a ‘disco’
  • The party one of the things that you and your guests will remember for ever
  • It’s all about the overall experience – before and during your party
  • Is it an average DJ who charges the average price?


It’s possible that you’ve looked at the price in our quote and have found a much cheaper DJ elsewhere.  There are a wide range of DJs with different skill-sets, charging a wide range of prices.  Our recent research has found DJs charging anywhere between £ 99 and £ 1500.

We like to take an approach where we give you lots of information to help you make your decision, to make sure that you find the right DJ for you.

We think your event is important

When you’re arranging an event there are lots of important things to arrange: venue, food, photographer and if it’s a wedding then the dress & flowers…  (and lots more!).  We always encourage our clients to think of the entertainment as one of these very important aspects of an event.  After all, it’s the lasting memory that you and your guests will take away with you at the end of the party.

The Dress, The Venue & The Food

I’m not an expert in wedding dresses but I know that there are a wide range of styles and prices.

When you book a venue it could be a hotel, stately home, barn, marquee, village hall or conference centre.  Different venues have a different facilities to offer – hotels have plenty of shelter if it rains, a marquee may be more suitable in the summer…  Each venue provides unique surroundings for your celebrations.

You have lots of options for food: different professional caterers, the menu at a hotel, maybe some sandwiches or you could even hire a burger van or chip van.  Each option will cost a different amount, will offer something slightly different and will make a different impression to your guests.

It’s the same with DJs.  You could book a traditional ‘mobile disco’ that’s more used to playing at school discos, a Radio 1 DJ, a club DJ, a professional wedding DJ, a friend who has a couple of speakers and lights, a really talkative DJ who likes to be the centre of attention, the DJ who has a mobile disco kept in the garage for use on the occasional weekend; the list goes on…

In-Demand DJs

As a business, we have taken the decision to offer a quality service and to work with a team of in-demand DJs.  From experience I’d much rather book a busy DJ, rather than one who has to offer a discount to get bookings.

Are All DJs The Same?

We think that it’s important that you select the right DJ for you.

Different DJs have different skill sets. Some might talk a lot on the microphone (ours don’t!).  Some DJs have a broad musical knowledge, some play the same ‘set’ at each event.  All of our DJ team are knowledgeable over a wide range of genres.

If you book with us you can expect your DJ to listen to you and to keep your musical tastes in mind when putting a set together.  After all, it’s YOUR wedding day.

You can expect a quality sound system and lighting to suit your venue.

If you book one of our DJs, you can expect prompt replies to any questions that you have.  It may not seem like a big deal now, but I know how frustrating it can be waiting for a response from a supplier when you are booking your wedding!

What are you buying?

When you book one of our DJs, you’re booking a package with a skilled DJ and lots of other things too:

  • DJ with large, varied music collection and the relevant insurance
  • Our extensive experience from performing at weddings and other important events
  • Hire of equipment (all safety tested, of course)
  • Transport of equipment to and from the venue
  • Set up and dismantling of equipment
  • Time taken to answer calls and e-mails before your big day
  • Preparation time before your wedding day (we go through your request list in detail).

It takes a lot of time, money and effort to do things properly and not cut corners.

It’s all about the time

We like to be thorough in our work.  When you give us your request list, we will make sure that we have all of your choices.  It’s a time consuming process, but we will check each song, so that it’s at our fingertips on the night.  If we don’t have a particular song then we will get hold of it.

It’s also very important to make sure that our sound and lighting equipment is in good order, so we spend time making sure.

On average, a 3-4 hour evening event will take about 16 hours in total, including preparation, travel and communication before your event.

VAT & Income Tax

We’re not VAT registered so you don’t need to worry about that.  But we do have to pay income tax on the profit (which is the DJ’s wages), after we’ve taken our costs into account.


When you’re booking a DJ, you’re booking a skilled professional to represent you to your guests on your wedding day.  We have plenty of experience of performing at a wide range of events and have lots to offer.

Different DJs, different amounts of effort and skill

So, the reason for a wide range of prices is that different DJs have different skill levels and put different amounts of time and energy into their work.  Different DJs also put a different value on their own skills.  We know that if you were to hire the equipment yourself if would cost around £500 to have good quality sound and lighting delivered, set up and removed at the end of the night.  That’s without a talented professional DJ who puts in preparation time beforehand, brings a large music collection and has lots of experience to help you have an amazing party!

When you’re booking suppliers for your wedding, it’s likely that you will find that there is a correlation between price and quality.  We take an approach where we offer value for money, but offer a price that means we can afford to put a lot of effort into your event.


Testimonials are a good way to see the experience of previous clients.  We have numerous testimonials and think that this is one of the best ways for you to find out about what each DJ or DJ company has to offer.