Paul at Stylish Wedding Photography kindly recommended my colleague Glenn on the Grayshott Community Forum.  And Paul really sums up how good a DJ Glenn is.  I couldn’t put it better myself…

Here is what Paul had to say:

‘As a wedding photographer, I get to hear a lot of DJ’s and so many are just so bad, I find it sad that they stay in business even. But that’s the wedding market for you.  Best DJ Carol my partner and I have heard in the last 4 years at weddings was this guy.

Was one of the few weddings where I could have stayed all night long dancing away and after a hard days shooting images, that’s rare indeed.  Only heard him at the one wedding, but have recommended him to people ever since.  He was in a totally different league to your average wedding DJ.  This guy was more like something you’d find in a trendy club somewhere.  Thing is – you didn’t have to be a club goer to like his music and the sound system, everybody at the wedding liked it, you could tell that by the fact that as we were watching the evening buffet queue, every single person from child to grandmas was ”jiggling” to the beat.  The sound system was first class, very loud – but in a quality way.  In fact, the true test of loud music is that its not actually that loud.  You could easily have a conversation over the music – but the thumping beat was still there, with a clean, punchy sound. Fantastic stuff.’

Thank you Paul, and here’s a link you your website to return the favour!